All compositions/recordings
©DBStudios 2003

Spring Shine - 1.1Mb
Our ear for a good theme, and abilty to squeeze the finest nuances from our extensive range of sound modules means that we can create that expansive, grandiose sound that you're looking for - at a fraction of the cost of hiring a whole orchestra!!

"First Move Ensemble" 1.2Mb
When some futuristic weirdness is called for - DBStudios can oblige by the spaceship-load!!!

Historical genres
"On the Way to the Dungeon" 0.5Mb
If you want to put the clocks back a few hundred years with your advertising, TV, radio or film project - no problem! We have the experience and expertise to respond to the most particular of briefs, and strive to work towards an end product which satisfies all involved, be they commissioner, producer, editor and even your accountant! The following piece demonstrates our ability to 'paint a picture' with music:

Plain silly
"Bleating Ice Cream Van" 0.5Mb

Flexible, creative, competitive.
No matter what musical genre you have in mind for your next project, we would be delighted to talk with you. Why not contact DB Studios right now on 01453 752542 and fix up a relaxed meeting at our Cotswolds-based studio, far away from the madding hubbub?!